• How to order a name badge

    As a BJCP member, you can now order an official BJCP name badge.

    The requirements are simple:

    • Be listed in our database as ACTIVE (some BJCP activity within the past two years)
    • Hold BJCP rank of Recognized or higher (the badge means you have passed the exam)
    • Confirm or update your current email address (we send a confirmation email and bounced confirmations will delete your badge order, so be sure you can receive email from any address at bjcp.org)
    • Confirm or update your current postal mail address (this is where your badge will be sent)

    Of course, our standard privacy policy applies, assuring the safety of your data.

    The purposes of the name badge are to:
    • identify you as a BJCP judge at competitions
    • allow organizers and other judges to recognize you
    • eliminate the chore of making a name tag when you arrive
    • help us keep our database up to date

    The badge is made of hard plastic, is the size of a business card, and has a clip on the back for attaching it to your shirt.
    There is absolutely no charge to you; this is a benefit of BJCP membership.

    BJCP name badge sample The basic information comes from the BJCP database, but you can customize the badge to some extent. For example, you can modify the name field if you always use a modified form of your name (such as "Jack" instead of "John" or "Beth" instead of "Elizabeth"). You can also modify the hometown field (for example, to show a nearby major city instead of your own suburb, or if you're about to move to a new town).

    In the future:

    You can order a new free badge:

    • if you move to a new town (no more than once a year)
    • if you advance in BJCP rank

    Outside of these two conditions, you can order a replacement badge at a nominal cost (send an email to the Communication Director if you need to do this)

    Click here to go to the badge ordering page

    (you will need to login if you haven't already done so)

    The first order was sent to the badge maker at the end of October 2007. Future orders will be made as demand warrants, but at least several times a year.