The purpose of the Beer Judge Certification Program is to:
  • Encourage knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the world's diverse beer, mead, and cider styles;
  • Promote, recognize, and advance beer, mead, and cider tasting, evaluation, and communication skills; and
  • Develop standardized tools, methods, and processes for the structured evaluation, ranking and feedback of beer, mead, and cider.
We certify and rank beer judges through an examination and monitoring process, sanction competitions, and provide educational resources for current and future judges.

The BJCP was founded in 1985 and has administered the Beer Judge Examination to 8,632 individuals worldwide. 5,137 are currently active judges in the program, with 771 holding the rank of National or higher. Since we started keeping detailed records, our members have judged over 1,041,977 beers and we have sanctioned over 6,527 competitions.

For the current year, 144 exams have been registered. Exams have been given to 239 examinees. Organizers have registered 398 competitions. More detailed statistics can be found in the Database Reports section of the website.
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    May 2015

  • Grader Training Registration Now Open

    The second phase of exam grader training will be on Wednesday, June 10 from 12:00PM to 1:30PM at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego in the Windsor room. The training will be a continuation of the class given at NHC 2014 where overall grading philosophies and the BJCP Score Sheet Guide were discussed. This class will involve actual grading of judging exams, and a discussion of how the scores and ranks were determined. These exams have been graded by the Associate Exam Directors and consensus scores were given for each criteria: Perception, Description, Completeness and Feedback. Each exam was also assigned a rank based on the overall consensus score.

    Everyone who registers to attend should download the exam packet (Exam Sheets and Proctor Sheets) and grade these exams prior to the class. No RTP is needed, just scoring of perception, description, completeness and feedback. This will reduce downtime and allow for a more productive discussion. The packet consists of six judging exam score sheets, proctor score sheets, EGF, and the exam beer description. If you are new to grading make sure you review the score sheet guide for direction on how to score. Bring your scores and justification for how you scored the exams so we can have an interactive discussion. If you have any questions regarding the training please send them to the Education Director.

    Registration is free to BJCP exam graders, but the class is limited to 50 people. Register here, but be sure you select NHC 2015 Grader Training from the drop-down list to register for the correct event. No food will be served at this event.


    Judge Reception Registration Now Open

    Registration for the annual BJCP Judge Reception at the AHA NHC is now open. Be sure you select the NHC 2015 Judge Reception from the drop-down list to register for the correct event.


    New Style Guidelines Released

    The long-awaited 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines are now complete, and have been released for use. There are now separate documents for Beer, Mead, and Cider styles, which allows them to be updated in the future on different schedules. The documents are currently available in PDF and Word formats from the Style Center. The 2008 guidelines are still available for use.

    BJCP exams will begin to use the 2015 guidelines on exams given in November 2015. More information will be posted as it is available. Tests prior to 1 November 2015 will be based on the 2008 guidelines.

    BJCP-sanctioned competitions may use either set of guidelines. Check with individual competition organizers for specific rules. The BJCP expects that by the end of 2015, all competitions will use the 2015 guidelines.

    Note that most style-related documents and information posted refers to the 2008 guidelines. As additional formats and translations are available, we will note that in the Style Center.

  • April 2015

  • Competition Handbook Update

    A small but important update has been made to the Competition Handbook to clarify guidance for Best of Show rounds. Winners should not be selected based on comparing scores from different flights; the beers must be directly compared by a single panel of judges to select a winner. The same holds true for selecting category winners.

  • March 2015

  • Change in Sensory Kits

    There will be a major change with sensory kit orders placed on or after April 1, 2015. We are discontinuing purchase of the 24 vial comprehensive kit and will now only offer a 12 vial basic kit. Two main factors have led to this change. One, we received feedback that many of the vials in the Siebel comprehensive kit are going unused due to the obscure nature of the characteristic. The second is that Siebel has changed their vendor and is now allowing custom kits to be built. After much discussion, we have determined that a basic 12 vial custom kit is our best choice at this time for both exam prep classes and member training. The new custom kit will consist of the following:

    • Acetaldehyde
    • Butyric
    • Diacetyl
    • DMS
    • Earthy
    • Ethyl Acetate
    • Ethyl Hexanoate
    • Geraniol
    • Indole
    • Isovaleric
    • Papery
    • Spicy

    When determining which characteristics to offer, we intentionally excluded those that can be easily reproduced at home. The CEP team will develop a flyer containing guidelines to supplement the Siebel kit that talks about what other faults class leaders should include in sensory training, and how to properly doctor those samples. This will be done prior to the new kits being shipped.

    A more advanced 12 vial kit may be developed at a later time if demand and budget permit.

    The cost of the new style kit will remain the same, $50 for exam kits and $100 for member kits. Shipping costs have increased due to an international vendor, and keeping the member cost the same will allow more members to purchase kits before the budget cap is reached each year.

    Anyone wishing to purchase the comprehensive kit may still do so but will need to place that order directly with Siebel. The BJCP will no longer subsidize this kit or be involved in the ordering process.

    Questions regarding this new kit can be directed to the CEP Team.

  • February 2015

  • Style Guideline Status Update

    The release of the new style guidelines has been delayed while we complete the final editing and review. We intended to release them by the end of 2014, primarily to allow the AHA NHC to use them in the upcoming season. However, the AHA informed us in November 2014 that they intended to continue to use the 2008 guidelines for the 2015 NHC, so that removed an artificial deadline.

    Since the last update, we have completed the internal review, and are now incorporating updates from a second external review. We are also expanding some sections to address comments we have received. Obviously, the name 2014 is moot at this point, so the new guidelines will be called the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines, and should be released around the end of March 2015.

    The current guidelines remain in effect for exams and competitions. The same guidance as previously released applies to exams. We will allow at least a 6 month transition period before they will be in effect. A more detailed guidance statement will be released by the Exam Directorate after the guidelines are released. We will still need assistance at that time to translate and format the guidelines into additional versions.

  • October 2014

  • Updates to Judge Portal and Exam Workflow

    Since the NHC we've been hard at work to make some improvements to our services, and are now happy to announce their availability.

    • We have updated the Judge Record application to display your judge certificate and your membership card. Both have been redesigned to use our latest logos and color schemes. Your membership card now also shows when you joined the program, and you can print any judge certificate you have earned, not just your latest rank.
    • We have revised the name badge to use the new color scheme, to display any mead certification earned, and to have alternative attachment options (traditional clip, magnetic bar, plain card, or plain card with a lanyard).
    • We have increased the automation of our exam processing workflow, and now are capturing the PDFs of your original exam and the RTPs produced by the graders. These files are also available on your judge record. We have loaded past RTPs back to 2010 into the system as well. Scanned exams are still being organized and will be uploaded later.
    • We have implemented a new short form RTP for exams that have checkboxes for common problems and a free-format summary section. This should allow graders to complete the grading faster, and make the exams easier to review.
    • Because we now have all these materials available through our self-service portal, we will stop mailing physical copies of RTPs, judge certificates, and membership cards. Pins and color guides will still be mailed. The self-service materials will be available much faster than the physical mailings; as soon as the results are uploaded to the server, email notices will be generated to examinees, and the data will be available.

    We are continuing to work on projects to improve the portal experience, to automate workflows, to reduce service times, and to refresh our materials. We are reorganizing and expanding content for our new web site, and hope to launch it later this year.


    2014 BJCP Style Guidelines Status Update

    We have been getting several questions about the upcoming style guidelines, so here are a few FAQs.

    1. What's the status? The public comment period has ended. Comments have been incorporated. A second draft has been produced, and is currently being reviewed internally.
    2. When will the guidelines be released? Before the end of 2014.
    3. When will the guidelines go into effect? At the start of 2015.
    4. What does "go into effect" mean? They are final and published. Competitions may start using them. Translations and other formats will start being produced. Exam materials will start being updated.
    5. I am scheduled for an exam. Which guidelines should I study? We won't use the new guidelines for exams before June 2015 at the earliest. A better schedule will be published once the guidelines are released.
    6. I've passed the online exam. Will I have to retake it? No. Your online exam certificate is good for a year, even if we change the style guidelines.
    7. I am entering a competition in 2015. Will they use the new guidelines? Maybe. Ask the competition organizer. We would expect a transition period where competitions earlier in the year would likely use the 2008 guidelines, but those later in the year would adopt the 2014 guidelines. It's up to each competition to make that decision.
    8. When will [some other format] of the guidelines be available? When they're finished. Many of the other formats and translations are done external to the BJCP. We will publish and update the information when it's available. After the guidelines are published, we expect to learn more from the maintainers and volunteers working on these other formats.
  • June 2014

  • BJCP Events at the NHC

    The BJCP held several very successful events at the 2014 NHC in Grand Rapids. Following is a summary of some of the highlights.

    • BJCP Exams – 39 tasting, 7 written, and 6 mead exams were given; a trial cider tasting exam was given to 8 volunteers. Open seats were available for all exams. Thanks to Bruce Buerger and Agatha Feltus for administering the exams.
    • Grader Training – Brian Joas and Randy Scorby presented the first module of grader training. The presentation was videotaped by Chop & Brew, and is now available on YouTube.
    • Judge Reception – Our annual social gathering and training event for judges. Probably the best event given so far. Thanks to Sandy Cockerham and Gail Milburn for organizing. Dibbs Harting gave a talk on Kentucky Common, including showing the draft style description and providing a well-researched technical paper. Don Blake gave a talk on judge ethics. Gary Awdey had a practical cider fault and style identification workshop with about 14 different samples.
    • BJCP Board Meeting – The BJCP Board held an in-person meeting for about four hours, working on plans for the upcoming year. Details of the meeting will be shared after the full board meets to discuss and finalize the plans.
    • 2014 Style Guidelines – BJCP President Gordon Strong presented an overview of the 2014 Style Guidelines. The presentation was videotaped by Chop & Brew, and is now available on YouTube (Thanks, Chip Walton!).
    • BJCP Member's Meeting – The annual meeting of the organization was very well attended. Minutes will be provided after they are compiled.

    We will post additional updates as we receive them. The content will eventually be linked into to other sections of the web site. We are also gathering the information necessary to award CEP points for all the events.

  • May 2014

  • Election Results

    Regional elections have concluded in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, South, and West regions. The winning candidates are Gordon Strong, Sandy Cockerham, Phil Farrell, and Travis Hammond. See our election center for the full results.


    Exam Structure Document Updated

    The Exam Structure document has been revised now that the new exam program has fully phased in. The document describes the requirements for different ranks, and how one progresses through the exam system. The major points are that the Apprentice rank is time-limited, and that those failing to progress to Recognized or above will be reclassified from Active status to Affiliated status. Affiliated judges have to start over in the exam program to become active, but keep their BJCP ID and past experience points.

  • April 2014

  • New Siebel Kit Pricing Structure

    Due to an unprecedented demand for Siebel off-flavor kits driven by both a growth in the number of exams and in the demand for kits by members, a new pricing structure for kits has been adopted as of 22 April 2014. The subsidized price of kits for members has been raised from US$80 to US$100. Kits for registered exam preparation classes are no longer free; the new price is US$50. The amount budgeted for the entire year was consumed by the end of March, so immediate action was required. Future price adjustments may be necessary depending on demand. The number of exams given has doubled since 2010 when the exam kits were introduced.

    Subsequently, the board voted to increase 2014 funding for subsidized Siebel kits by US$10,000 from program reserves.


    Written Exam Fee Raised

    Acting upon a recommendation from the Exam Directors, the board voted to raise fees for the Written Proficiency Exam from US$15 to US$25. This coincides with the rollout of a new Quarterly Written Exam that will allow multiple, geographically-dispersed sites to give written exams at the same time, and then combine them for grading purposes. The intent is to allow more written exams to be given without requiring a minimum number of examinees per site; this also frees up more slots for tasting exams on the exam calendar.

  • March 2014

  • BJCP Logo Merchandise Available Again

    The BJCP excited to announce a new merchandise vendor for embroidered BJCP logo shirts. Rebel Brewer is now hosting the BJCP Pro Shop online store, offering polo shirts in sizes for men and women, as well as new short sleeve workshirts. Thanks to BJCP member Tom Gentry for hosting the store.

    BJCP Workshirt in Black
    BJCP Work Shirt


    2013 Annual Report

    The 2013 BJCP Annual Report is now available, providing an update on program activities and projects as of the end of 2013. A separate Financial Report provides detail on the organization's finances.


    BJCP Scoresheet Guide Available

    The Exam Directorate has published a new BJCP Scoresheet Guide to be used as a rubric for grading as well as a training tool for current and prospective judges.

  • February 2014

  • BJCP Expands in Europe

    BJCP President Gordon Strong and BJCP Northeast/International Representative Ali Kocho-Williams proctored the first BJCP in Ireland on February 8th. Organized by Shane Smith of the National Homebrew Club of Ireland, seventeen judges from Ireland, the UK, Italy, Germany, and Poland took the exam. Examinees also included two women, Emma and Kellie, who wanted prospective examinees to know that "judging isn't just for the lads." Several of the judges also took part in an afternoon workshop on improving the BJCP Style Guidelines to better represent modern European styles, which will certainly help with the current guideline revision project.

    Relaxing after the exam, photo by William Davis
    Ireland BJCP Exam

    The BJCP now has activity in at least 9 European countries.


    Several Measures Passed

    The BJCP Board approved the new BJCP Bylaws in January, and also adopted election policies, an exam proctor travel reimbursement policy, and named an election committee to manage this year's elections. The Board also approved a support agreement with the AHA, setting goals and describing joint efforts for 2014. The AHA will be helping the BJCP with an automation project for BJCP exam routing, and will be helping sponsor BJCP exam grader training, all with the goal of increasing access to the BJCP exam. The Board also voted to accept the annual financial report for last year. A mid-year status report on other projects will be posted later this month.

  • December 2013

  • New Documents Available

    A completely revised Competition Handbook is now available. Thanks to "Grand Master Steward" Luann Fitzpatrick for leading the effort. It contains modern best practices and advice for running homebrew competitions based on experiences from many large events.

    The Exam Directors have completed a new best practices document for Exam Administrators that supplements and expands on other information from the Exam staff. With all the new exams being given and the high demand for exams, it's important that all exam administrators read and follow the guidance.

  • October 2013

  • BJCP Monthly Exam Quota Increased

    As announced at the NHC this year, the BJCP has increased the monthly quota of exam sites from 8 to 10. Organizers for all previously-scheduled exams were contacted, and were given the opportunity to move their exams forward in the schedule. Those changes have been processed, which resulted in additional exam slots being available for all of 2015. Please see the current exam schedule for availability.

  • September 2013

  • CEP Materials Updated

    Some new content has been added to the CEP section, reflecting user-submitted information as well as the latest news from the CEP team.

  • July 2013

  • Exam Program Changes

    As announced at the BJCP Member's Meeting at the NHC, the backlog of exams has been cleared and new exams are being processed with an average turnaround time of 3 months. Because of this improvement in exam processing and the current availability of exam graders, the Exam Directors have decided to raise the limit on the number of exam sites per month from 8 to 10, starting in October 2013. We will continue to monitor exam turnaround and consider raising the limits further in the future.

    The Exam Directors will be contacting existing exam sites to determine if any existing exams wish to move forward in the schedule. DO NOT CONTACT THE EXAM DIRECTORS. They will move through the schedule in an orderly manner. Once existing exams have been moved forward, any open slots will be shown on the Exam Calendar and likely noted in a web page announcement.

    In preparation for handling the increased exam workload, new Exam Directors and Associate Exam Directors have been named. For the current roster of officers, please see our officers page. Steve Piatz has taken on the new role of Lead Exam Director, responsible for coordinating exam directorate policy and procedures, and handling scheduling of exams and graders. The remaining Exam Directors are responsible for overseeing and reviewing all exams.

    The Exam Directors have also approved processes for requesting large tasting exam sites (20 to 48 examinees). These procedures are described in the Exam Scheduling Procedures page.

    We can always use interested exam graders; to volunteer, send an email to the Exam Directors.


    Record BJCP Events at the NHC

    Three BJCP Exams were given at the NHC: 6 mead, 14 written, and 49 tasting exams. This is the largest set of exams ever given; yet there were 11 open tasting seats. No one was turned away from the exams.

    NHC Second Round judging involved over 200 BJCP judges with 197 BJCP judges seated in one session – a record! Over 54% of those judging were BJCP National rank or higher, including over 13% Master and higher judges.

  • October 2012

  • Reminders for New Judges and Organizers

    With the new exam program being introduced this year, there has been an increase in questions from new judges and organizers. Following are answers to these common questions:

    1. Judges who pass the online exam are provisional judges but are not BJCP-ranked judges. They do not get assigned Judge IDs and may not yet request retroactive points.
    2. Provisional judges who judge in BJCP-sanctioned competitions should be treated by organizers as non-BJCP judges for reporting purposes. Report points by judge name.
    3. We scan for retroactive points when new judges take the initial tasting exam, and again when the exam results are posted. Do not request retroactive points before your exam results are received.
    4. Judge record updates are posted to the web site every four to six weeks. If you have received your exam results since the last time the web site was updated, do not ask about retroactive points. Wait for our normal processes to work. Check the main BJCP web page and look on the right side under "Check Your Record" to see when the last time the judge records were updated.
    5. If you are a judge who wants to claim retroactive points, first make sure your judge record is updated. Then make sure the organizer's report has been submitted for that competition. Check the Database Reports section of the web site for this information. When requesting points, provide the name, date and ID number of the competition in question.
    6. If you are an organizer who wants to change a previously-submitted organizer's report, simply email the changes to the IT Director. You cannot edit a report that has already been submitted. Just tell us what needs to be changed. Please provide the Competition ID. For changes to judge points, provide the Judge ID, the role performed, and the number of points to be awarded. Please be sure the points have been assigned in accordance with the competition point award schedule.

    Following these simple procedures will allow the volunteer BJCP staff to focus their efforts on more productive work.


    Updated Exam Materials

    Several of the exam materials have been updated, including the exam study guide. Additional Portuguese translations of exam materials have been posted as well.

  • September 2012

  • Competition Registration Changes

    BJCP competition registration processing has been streamlined to address common requests and has been updated based on how most competitions are currently run. We now provide a complete list of all active BJCP judges sorted by country, state, and name, rather than custom lists. Sort the file appropriately and use only those judges you need, or import it into competition management software. No label files and sign-in forms are included; you can create your own using mailmerge or competition management software. Evaluation forms can be downloaded from the competition center, if required. Finally, the free entry certificate for the AHA NHC competition is no longer included at the AHA's request; apparently very few were being used, and the competition is already over-subscribed. With over 400 competitions a year now being held, these changes have reduced processing time by over half from older methods.


    NHC 2012 Presentation

    The keynote presentation at the judge reception at the 2012 AHA NHC has been posted. Presented by Dr. Diego Libkind of Argentina, this presentation discusses how the cold-fermenting parent of modern lager yeast was discovered. Speaker notes are included.


    Portuguese and Spanish Exams

    The online entrance exam questions are now available in Portuguese and Spanish for our fellow judges in Brazil, Argentina, and other countries, although the testing interface is only available in English or Spanish. Program materials continue to be translated by volunteers in South America. Our deepest appreciation goes out to all who helped (service points are being awarded, for those who are interested).

  • March 2012

  • New Exam Program Launched

    The BJCP Board has unanimously approved the recommendation of the Exam Directors to implement a new beer exam program, effective April 1, 2012. No legacy exams will be given on or after this date. Please read the details carefully, as much has changed. Note: the mead exam remains unchanged.

    BJCP exam and competition materials have been updated to reflect the new exam. Please download new copies if you are using old ones. The study guide has been updated, but the exams cover the same general topics as before.

    Prospective judges must first pass the BJCP Beer Judge Entrance Exam, a new online exam with 200 True-False and Multiple Choice questions that must be answered in one hour. Passing this exam allows judges to sign up for the new BJCP Beer Judging Examination, a practical tasting exam with 6 exam beers judged in 90 minutes. The score on this exam will allow a judge to be ranked as Apprentice, Recognized, or Certified.

    National judges and any judges who score 80 or higher on any tasting exam and have 10 judging experience points may register for the BJCP Beer Judge Written Proficiency Exam, which allows judges to advance to National and higher ranks. This new written exam will have 20 true-false questions and five essay questions that must be answered in 90 minutes. The new exams will be weighted 50/50 in determining an overall score for rank purposes.

    New rules exist for current judges, so check the implementation guide carefully. Note that no current judges will have their ranks adjusted automatically, although current Apprentice judges have two years to become Recognized judges or have their judging status revoked.

    Quotas on exams remain in effect until the current exam backlog is cleared. The Exam Directors will then reassess the quota system and make necessary adjustments.

  • April 2011

  • New Mobile App

    Blackberry users: you now have a set of the style guidelines available on your device. Check out the Style Center for more details.

  • September 2010

  • Discounted Off Flavor Kits Available

    Last January, the BJCP board approved making discounted off-flavor kits available to members. We are now ready to launch that program. Any active BJCP member holding the rank of Recognized or higher may purchase one off-flavor kit a year for the price of US$50 (shipping included). This is the same kit provided to organizers of exam preparation classes. Each kit can easily provide samples for 20-30 people, so they are best used in large groups. See the CEP Kits Page for more details on the contents.

    To order a kit, use the our Kit Ordering web application. You must authenticate using the BJCP portal, and pay for the kit using PayPal. The ordering process is similar to that used for BJCP Name Badges. Orders will be consolidated monthly and submitted to Siebel for fulfillment. Please order at least two months in advance of when you need the kit. Kits have a finite shelf-life, so don't keep them around indefinitely.

    This initiative is funded through our Continuing Education Program. Details may be changed in the future depending on available funds and demand. Please provide feedback to the BJCP Education Director or your Regional Representative.

  • August 2010

  • New Exam Policies Announced

    The Exam Directors, with the concurrence of the BJCP Board of Directors, have changed the policy regarding examinations being returned to examinees. The new policy authorizes Exam Administrators to make copies of the exams to return to the examinees once it is confirmed that the originals have been received by the BJCP. This policy applies to new exams only (after August 15, 2010); older exams will not be returned. The BJCP will not make copies or return exams directly; it is the responsibility of the individual Exam Administrators. Expenses are covered by the increased funding alloted to administrators earlier this year.

    The Exam Directors have also clarified the policy regarding exam proctors. Proctors must be active judges who are currently capable of producing National-level scoresheets. Exam administrators can find a list of eligible proctors online. If the Exam Administrator is unable to find at least two proctors meeting these requirements, he must contact the Exam Directors to get advance approval to use alternative proctors. Certified-ranked judges who have scored at the National level on the tasting portion of the exam are usually acceptable, but must be pre-approved.

  • May 2010

  • Exam Scheduling Policy Updated Again

    Effective immediately, the Exam Directors have changed the policy for scheduling BJCP exams. Up to 8 exam sites may now be registered per month (an increase from 5) but the total number of examinees per site is now limited to 12 (down from 20). This is an attempt to speed up the grading process by reducing the size of exam sets. Sites may request a larger quota (up to 20 examinees) but these must be pre-approved by the exam directors; more than one large site per month are unlikely to be approved.

    Registration lead-time for a 12 seat site remains at 4 months. A 20 seat site must be registered 6 months in advance. Larger sites may be approved for remote or unusual locations that may have limited resources for offering an exam. Contact the exam directors for details.

  • April 2010

  • Mobile Style Guidelines Available

    Have you been judging lately? At a recent AHA NHC first round competition, nearly half the judges present were observed using mobile phones or devices with the BJCP guidelines. Thanks to the BJCP judges who have developed these useful applications and made them freely available to the BJCP community. If you judge with one of these guys, be sure to thank them in person.

    Users of Apple iPhone and iPod Touch mobile devices, take note. The BJCP Styles application has been updated. The new version (1.5.1) adds full-screen iPad support, as well as some other enhancements. Search for "BJCP" in the App Store. Thanks to BJCP judge Josh Baran.

    Users of mobile devices running the Google Android OS also have a style guidelines app available. Again, search for "BJCP" in the Android Market and download the "BJCPdroid" app. Thanks to BJCP judge Jason Donmoyer.

    Users of the Amazon Kindle have an option as well. Download the guidelines, do a USB transfer to the Kindle, and put in the documents directory. It uses the free MobiPocket reader e-book format. Thanks to BJCP judge John Alexander.


    Commercial Calibration Scoresheets Available Online

    The AHA has added a special members-only feature to their website. Complete archives of the "Commercial Calibration" column from Zymurgy are now online. Featuring Grand Master judges David Houseman, Beth Zangari, Scott Bickham, and Gordon Strong, the archives are searchable by brewery, style, or name. Note that you must be an AHA member to access the sheets, and that you must register on the AHA website and link your AHA ID to your online account. Not a member? Join now.

  • January 2010

  • BJCP Lowers Fees

    The BJCP board voted unanimously to lower competition fees from $35 to $30. Exam fees remain the same, but exam administrators may now retain 30% of the exam fees for expenses (up from the current 20%). These moves have been made because of improved efficiencies in the program and a more favorable financial position.

  • September 2009

  • Mead Judge Program Launched

    The Exam Directors have approved the formal introduction of the Mead Judge program, after the successful pilot exam and the completion of the initial release of the Mead Exam Study Guide. Additional mead-related resources can be found on the Mead Resources page. Mead Exams are run as part of the existing Exam Directorate, and subject to the same general exam scheduling rules and procedures.

    Mead exams may now be registered; the first open slot is February 2010. The number of Mead Exams will be limited as the program ramps up and additional graders get trained. One mead exam per month may be scheduled from February 2010 through June 2010. Two mead exams per month can be scheduled from July 2010 through November 2010, when restrictions on scheduling will be lifted. Note that mead exams count towards the existing five exams per month limit.

    Finally, note that mead exams and beer exam types cannot be mixed at a single site. An exam registration can be for one or the other exam type, but not both. Multiple exam types per site are discouraged due to the five slot per month limit.

  • March 2009

  • New Beer Flavor Kits Available for Order

    The BJCP is happy to announce a partnership with the Siebel Institute to provide their new Sensory Training Kit to BJCP exam prep classes. The Sensory Training Kit is a commercial product containing 24 different flavor samples, and replaces the prior kit which contained 10 samples.

    The new Siebel kit will be offered under the same terms as the previous kit: any CEP-registered exam prep class leading to a BJCP-registered exam can request a kit by contacting the Education Director. The kits are free, but shipping, duties, etc. involved in shipping outside the continental US will be charged at cost.

    The Education Director has contacted exam administrators and prep class organizers that have already been registered. Prep classes for exams already held in 2009 are eligible for receiving a kit, but must request one. Any organizer who did not receive a kit or who did not receive an email, please contact the Education Director to request one.

    Please check the CEP Kits page for full details.

  • December 2008

  • Former BJCP President and Treasurer Sentenced

    Former BJCP President and Treasurer William R. Slack of Nashua, NH was sentenced on December 16, 2008 in U.S. District Court in Concord, NH. Mr. Slack admitted his guilt as part of a plea bargain. During his allocution, Mr. Slack admitted that he misappropriated BJCP funds steadily during this tenure as BJCP Treasurer. Mr. Slack was sentenced to (1) restitution of approximately $43K, (2) five years probation, and (3) incarceration of one week per month for twelve months.

    For a quick update based on BJCP President Gordon Strong's notes, see this thread in the BJCP Forums. A full report will be forthcoming once all details are gathered. Expect it around the time the Annual Report is published.

    Update: The court's formal sentencing order has been obtained (Dec 24, 2008). The trial was covered in detail in the local newspaper in Nashua, NH. (Dec 28, 2008).

  • July 2008

  • Color Guide Instructions Now Available Online

    The Color Guide page describes our new BJCP Color Guide, a free resource for BJCP members. It serves as a resource for instruction on color guide use, as well as details on how to care for it, and how to acquire replacements. All active BJCP members were mailed a guide in late May (which also let us validate your mailing addresses). Anyone taking the BJCP Exam will get a Color Guide along with their results, as will anyone being promoted.

  • June 2008

  • New Style Guidelines Available

    Well, not really new guidelines, but one of the problems experienced with such a comprehensive set of guidelines is the sheer length of them. When you need to download a copy for printing, the current guidelines comprise a hefty package.

    So, in response to a number of requests, we have arranged for Cafepress to produce a printed and bound edition of the current style guidelines that you can order for delivery to your mailbox.

    This is a nicely formatted (easier to read) book, wirebound to lay flat. It costs $8.30 plus shipping, and the BJCP makes exactly one penny per copy sold (just as an accounting device). Typical shipping cost in the US is $5.00 for one copy, but if a group goes together, the shipping cost per copy can go way down. For example, the typical shipping cost for 10 books is $10.60, or $1.06 per copy. Canadian and international shipping costs are higher, of course, but that information is all available on the ordering website.

    To order the printed BJCP Style Guidelines, go to

  • February 2008

  • Frequently Asked Questions Updated

    The list of Frequently Asked Questions has been expanded, to include questions specifically about our Style Guidelines.


    BJCP Style Guidelines Revised

    The last (2004) revision of the style guidelines has been updated. This is not a major revision, and all the category and style names and numbers remain the same. Technically, this is the "2008 update to the 2004 guidelines" but will generally be known as the 2008 guidelines. The website navigation bar has been updated to point to the new version, and you can find a one-page PDF summary of the changes HERE.

  • Former BJCP Treasurer Indicted For Fraud (May 2007)

    As many members know, there has been an ongoing effort to deal with the failure of the former BJCP Treasurer, Mr. William R. Slack, of Nashua, New Hampshire, to turn over the funds in the treasury to the current Treasurer. Mr. Slack, also a former BJCP President, has not communicated with the current Board of Directors, and we have been pursuing a resolution of this matter since 2004.

    For obvious reasons, the BJCP officers and legal committee are unable to comment publicly, but we feel the membership deserves to be kept informed as much as possible.Links in the following paragraphs will display the relevant documents.

    We recently learned that a Federal Grand Jury has indicted Mr. Slack for fraud. This indictment was reported in the local newspaper in Nashua. Mr. Slack was served with a summons on April 30, 2007 for his initial appearance in U.S. District Court on May 17, 2007.

    Mr. Slack appeared with his public defender at that hearing, and entered a plea of "not guilty" to the charge. He was released pending trial, subject to a number of conditions, and a trial date has been set for July 10, 2007.

    The Department of Justice has issued a press release describing the case, including potential penalties. The case is also summarized in their Annual Report, page 66.

    1st Update: Mr. Slack, through his public defender, requested a continuance (legalese for a delay in going to trial). On June 26, 2007, the court granted his request, and rescheduled his trial for October 10, 2007.

    2nd Update: Mr. Slack, through his public defender, requested a second continuance which was also granted, which postpones his trial until at least February 5, 2008.

    3rd Update: Mr. Slack, through his public defender, requested a third continuance which was also granted, which postpones his trial until at least June 3, 2008.

    4th Update: Mr. Slack, through his public defender, requested a fourth continuance which was also granted, which postpones his trial until at least September 3, 2008.

    5th Update: Mr. Slack, through his public defender, entered into a plea agreement on September 2, 2008. In the agreement, Mr. Slack agreed to plead guilty to his crime. Sentencing is scheduled for December 16, 2008 at 10:30am at the Federal Courthouse in Concord, NH.

    6th Update: Mr. Slack was sentenced on December 16, 2008 to five years probation, incarceration of one week per month for twelve months, and restitution of approximately $43K. The sentencing order provides full details of the sentence imposed. The local newspaper in Nashua reported on the trial, and it was also mentioned in the Keene, NH paper. A full report is forthcoming.

    The BJCP is satisfied with this sentence and believes this matter is now closed.

  • Earlier news items can be found on the News page, which also has a link to the Archives page containing even older items.