CEP Charter (Passed November 2004, Revised July 2012)

  • A Continuing Education Program is hereby established as a new directorate of the BJCP. This directorate is on the same level as the other BJCP Directorates such as the Exam Directors, Director of Information Technology, Competition Director and the Communications Director.

    The purpose of the Continuing Education Program is to develop, provide, recognize and encourage worthwhile continuing education opportunities for the BJCP membership. Participation by BJCP members in appropriate CEP opportunities will allow them to further their knowledge and enhance their judging skills, to an extent beyond the strict scope of the Beer Judge Certification Examination and in a fashion more responsive to the availability of information and the interests of the membership.

    The program will establish new education opportunities and programs such as Continuing Education Program sessions organized by third parties, development of CEP products and programs available directly from the BJCP, development of a Beer Vocabulary reference, and development of a Sensory Tasting Kit.

    A Director for Continuing Education and two Assistant Directors initially will be appointed in accordance with the By-Laws to get the program underway. The Director is responsible to the President of the BJCP and will provide an annual report each year covering the past calendar year.

    Committees will be established when needed in accordance with the BJCP By-Laws with the chairman appointed by the President and committee members appointed by the Chairman of the committee.

  • CEP Philosophy

  • In today's world, the only thing that is constant is change. To be able to respond to new demands, education needs to be a continuous process. To reflect this, the BJCP needs to move away from the stagnant aspects of 'one-and-done' test taking methods. Each individual learns in their own way, and requires flexibility and innovation to advance their knowledge base. The BJCP must recognize and adapt itself to respond to these prospects.

    In reality, BJCP judges are responsible for the continuation of their own judging education. That being said, the BJCP should encourage this by being involved in the identification, and the aiding of, individuals' learning challenges. As the future providers of continuing education, we have a duty to involve the judges in the initial startup process through the recurring assessment of these practices.

    Exceptional backing and guidance is required by the BJCP if it is going to provide continuing education. The basis of continuing education is the constant acquisition of knowledge, broadening of judging abilities, the expansion of communication skills and the improvement of problem-solving abilities. Continuing education in the BJCP should be provided in a well-planned, highly organized, largely scientific educational environment. It should serve as a viable means of improving the professional competence of the judge resulting in an expansion of baseline knowledge, and overall strengthening of judging abilities.

    Through its role as an approval body in the BJCP, the Continuing Education Program will develop and promote quality continuing education in judging for its membership. BJCP members will be sought out and evaluated on their ability to teach, that they might provide a new paradigm or insight to our association. This will give BJCP judges the opportunity to update their competence as the brewers around the world develop new brewing techniques and recipes. New teaching methods can be tested and developed to accommodate a maximum number of students.

    The Continuing Education Program will exist with a mission to advance and enhance the BJCP. Through member feedback and surveys, the CEP will constantly inquire and always accept suggestions from its members and constantly re-evaluate its progress and respond accordingly. This assurance of quality is needed to provide the BJCP with the ability to move forward from its strong base into the future.

    Your CEP Team,

    Randy Scorby, CEP Director
    Steve Antoch, Assistant Director
    Kristen England, past CEP Director